I am really not as silent as a mouse—this blog will attest—but then again neither is a mouse. I’ve traveled the world, lived overseas, studied art history and international relations, been seduced by a dozen cultures. Now rural New England in a 275-year-old farmhouse is where I’m at home, and this is where my real curiosity about mice began. The mice nocturnal ran round in the ceiling as if they had more places to go than I had ever been. I caught the first small creature in a no kill trap. I could see his ears were much too large for his head, his eyes were much too wide; and with his tawny mantle over his white stockings, he was a natty fellow. I had a feeling I couldn’t be alone in my fascination, the inspiration in a mouse…

Author of Mouse Muse: The Mouse in Art (The Monacelli Press, 2014).

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